Oklahoma Marketing Photo/Video by Adam Ray

Digital Marketing doesn’t always take place behind a desk and computer screen.  I was perched on this aluminum roof for a good two hours. In fact, I was stuck on it until the lift driver came back to get us. A client I was managing digital marketing for needed some photos of their craft in action. So there I was overlooking the town of El Reno, Oklahoma from a height of nearly 40 feet. I had ridden a construction lift of to the top of the roof with my commercial roofer clients and an inspector. They were there to accompany him on a roofing inspection, and I was there hoping to snap photos of my client in action.

Oklahoma City Digital Marketing commercial roofing client

I’m pleased with the outcome. I managed to capture my client in their element, and present their employees and their brand in the best way possible. This is why I love being in digital marketing.  I love to see small and medium sized businesses embrace new media and benefit from reaching their customers online.  Check out some of my past work and contact me anytime with your marketing needs.